About Me

Ingredients to Me
Let me just start by saying....I have a sign in "my" kitchen that says: "Don’t Mess with the Cook’s Buns" and I mean it! The kitchen is my domain, my release, my "me" time....if you can even call it that, with three kids, two dogs and a husband that DOES like to mess with this cook’s buns…CAN I even call it that?
Well, you know I like to cook, let’s see what else there is to find out about me, while I am fearlessly pounding away on this keyboard. I'm Kellie for the ones of you who don’t already know that, if any! I will be signing all my posts Kellie Girl because that's the name my daddy gave me and it stuck. I've always been a daddy's girl and that's what my nearest and dearest call me.
I am married to my high school sweetheart and did I mention we have three little buns of our own? That kind of defines my life these days....being a Momma and housewife by day, OH and by night too! No, my children don’t sleep, yet still I love nothing more than what I am doing at this time in my life. Raising my children to become what they will be, as they evolve in this mad world we live in. Growing up I used to say I wanted like six kids, so I guess I'm half way there. Kiiiddinggg, for the ones of you that just almost had a heart attack!
Throughout this process I plan to be blogging about many things past present and future…yes I do kind of have a plan, not usually a planner, just a cross that bridge when I get there, day-to-day kind of girl. Nor am I typically one to share myself with many, so this could become a struggle! But I am soon to be entering my thirties, putting the twenties behind me, moving on, and with having all that to look forward to, I am hoping this will be a new part of me, sharing me. My twenties have been full of a heap of heartache, and some of my greatest happiness. Details to come….
Kellie Girl