May 26, 2010

I love a good home remedy!

Today I am so excited to share this home remedy I found! Let me start by telling you that yesterday while two of my three kiddos were coloring, the two year old found a permanent marker in the color box and while our backs were turned for all of 3.2 seconds he colored an entire wood table top….so in search for a way to clean up this mess, I found a remedy that actually worked, yeah! First, apply toothpaste in a thin coat over entire area of marker(I used ultra- bright, don’t think this matters) Second, let set for 15 minutes(my 15 turned into 30, because I lost track of time) Third, scrub(gotta put some elbow into it) with a damp cloth and WAH-LAH, marker be gone and Mommy is SO excited….never did I think I could be so happy after such a big mess and honestly I didn’t believe it would work, but it did! Us Mom’s just have to know these things….because with kids, especially youngin’s there WILL be accidents like this one!


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