September 7, 2010

Fun Little Game
My IRL BFF tagged me on Twitter to play this fun little game, so here it is.

1)What song remids you of a childhood memory? I would have to say anything that George Strait came out with in the 80’s, but especially “The Fireman”
I think “Swingin” by John Anderson would have to be another because I am a huge daddy’s girl and we would sing this song all the time as a little girl.

2)Are you a night owl or early bird? Used to be night owl, but am now an early bird…think that’s what happens after you have babies…

3)Give us a snapshot of you in high school? Have no pic’s to upload on my new computer, so coming from my husband’s mouth....I was quiet, but sweet and helpful to others….he says I was only quiet because I had my BF to do all the talking…LOL

4)This or That? Rain or Snow? Snow in the winter and Rain in the Summer ;) Depends on the day and what I need to get done.

5)Favorite Movie Quote? A recent fav is from The Blind Side when during the football game the Coach says “Where were you taking him?” And Michael reply’s “To the bus coach, it was time for him to go home!” Great Movie!

6)What color are your underwear? Black and White

Now pass it on to some fellow bloggers


Carly said...

Good job, but you were supposed to pass it on to some bloggers that you want to do it (tag).

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