September 19, 2010

Our Journey With Plagiocephaly

Do you ever look at your baby and wonder if what you are seeing is real? Is my baby’s head shape ok? It’s sometimes hard for a parent to see what others might because we don’t want to admit that there could be anything wrong with our perfect little one. I went back and forth on this issue, until I finally addressed it and thankfully it wasn’t too late to do something about it. Our pediatrician agreed that Wrangler’s head measurements were off and after I brought it to his attention he sent us to a local therapy place that makes helmets for kids with misshaped heads. After, going for our consult there I was not happy with what they were telling me, way too many side effects from kids wearing these helmets. So, I started to research a lot and this is when I found Cranial Technologies. Cranial Tech’s says they are reshaping children’s lives and this is exactly what they did for Wrangler. After our consult at Cranial Tech I was filled with so much hope. Wrangler was about 4mo. old at the time and this was going to be a long journey AND a 5 plus hour drive on Friday’s, but I knew in my heart it was the right choice for our family and his future. We often left very early in the morning on Friday just me and the 4mo. old baby in the car for 5 hours there just for a 30 minute adjustment visit, only to turn around and drive back 5 hours home. Other times I would meet my mom half way and she would go with us, helping with the crying unhappy baby in the back seat. Then sometimes we flew just thirty minutes there and then back, me and Wrangler on the plane back and forth. All, these times tested my patients big time and at times, I cried, but thanked God at the same time, only hoping for the best outcome. We did this for almost a year, because after the first band Wrangler needed one more just to assure the best end results. I can honestly say with all my heart that this was the best choice for the best end result of our battle with Plagiocephaly and I could not be happier! Plagio has become more common today because of SIDS the doctors are telling us to sleep our baby’s only on their back and then our babies are getting misshaped heads, instead we should be turning them, to their side to sleep as well in my opinion. In most cases it’s the external pressures being applied to the soft baby’s skull that leads to one of the several different types of deformities. Cranial Tech has what is called a DOC Band and here are some quick facts about it below.
If you have any question about the shape of your babies’ head go to their web site and take an online evaluation today, don’t wait!
Facts about the DOC Band and Cranial Technologies:
• The Band weighs only about 6 ounces
• Cranial Tech treats babies age 3 months to 18 months
• The band is made from a material that causes less irritation to skin
• The band is so light it doesn’t interfere with child’s daily activities
• The band encourages growth in the flattened areas of the head
• The DOC Band has been FDA approved since 1998
• The company has been in business for 20 plus years


Whitney said...

Wow!! I had no idea that this was even an issue!!
My 'futute' sister in law said that her child refuses the sleep on her back. She is now crawling and moving a whole lot faster than her older sister did. Sister In Law SWEARS it is because she sleeps on her belly. Strange how when we try so hard to prevent one thing we cause another.

Kellie Girl said...

My other two slept on there stomach as well and did everything earlier. Could be true! I see people all the time with this head issue and it's just not something people know enough about. I think we worry to much about what everyone else tells us to do instead of just doing what we feel naturally and what's comfortable.

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