November 9, 2010

My fight against Endometriosis

Through many years of suffering from endometriosis and many surgical treatments, drugs, money spent, time and pain I am going to try something new and I am going to share the experience with you guys throughout this journey. I was finally diagnosed 8yrs. ago after years of extremely painful monthly cycles and infertility. I have stage 4 (severe w/dense adhesions) endo. and am still suffering in many ways from this awful disease even after all my efforts and medical treatments. This has brought me to the point I am at now. After years of research I have decided to get real with myself and try the holistic approach to helping with this disease. Endometriosis is not typically fatal, but it does put a woman at greater risk for other disease (which I already have). In a woman's normal monthly cycle if you do not become pregnant you shed the lining of your uterus (endometrium) and you have a period, but in women with endo. the flow backs up and this results in internal bleeding into the pelvic and abdominal cavity which also causes inflammation. Through gathering information over the years I can say that I now have some hope again and am ready to try this new approach to the disease.
One thing I will be doing is changing my eating habits. Here's an idea of what I will be eating and avoiding.
Foods to avoid: Meat,Dairy,Soy,Wheat,Caffine,Butter and Sugar
Foods that are important to your diet: Organic Fruit/Veg.,Fiber,Omega3,Green tea,Dark green vegetables,Nuts,Flaxseed,Beans, and Water
Feel free to share your story or ideas with me...I am very open at this point!


tamilyn said...

I didn't know that I had endo until Sept 2001. I had awful pain, cramps, diarehha every period. My daughter found me on the floor of my bathroom and went and woke up the hubs who took me to the ER. It took2 days and about 10 different tests and they found I had a cyst on my left ovary. When they went in to remove it, they found it to be a chocolate cyst and had burst. While removing the mess, they found the endo which they think had been going on for years. It had covered many organs, etc. They inserted the Mirena IUD so I won't have a period anymore as at that time I was too young for a hysterectomy. Now that I'm close to 45, I think I will have one. I don't know about what makes it less painful through eating or holistic, I just know that I have no pain or period anymore.

Kellie Girl said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to hear that you have your endo. under control for the time being. Due to other issues I can not have an IUD placed, but have done other forms of contraception that has stopped my period and helped a little in the past. I looking to get more healthy in general as well as hope to help with the endo. in the process. It is something not many people know or understand about me and has been a struggle, because if you havent ever had it you cant understand all that goes along with having it. Thanks again for sharing!

tamilyn said...

I hope you can find something that helps. Like I said, I never knew I had it until they opened me up. My symptoms were in line with 'normal' period nuisances. However, it was brought to the forefront after my surgery that at least 1 aunt, a few cousins and one of my sisters (and probably the other one, but she doesn't think so) have this also. Had I known that, maybe they would have done a scope on me. Who knows. And I agree, people who don't have it or don't suffer with a period just don't understand. I will pray that you find some comfort.

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