November 8, 2010

My Kitchen

Italian Veggie Stew

For this yummy recipe you can add or take out whatever you like to make your family happy because there's a lot of options to use and still get the same flavor.
I started with a turkey sausage and then added veggies and italian spices then topped with fresh spinach and mozzarella to top just before serving. Keep in mind I am not a measuring cook nor do I stick to the recipe, so feel free to improvise :)

Turkey Sausage (brown with chopped onions and a chopped garlic clove or two)
Then add chopped veggies
Then add juices (and italian spice,I use a palm full of 5th seasoning)
Veggie Stock (1 Can)
Tomatoes (canned)
Chick Peas (canned)
Tomatoe juice (1 cup)
Add water to fill pot the rest of the way to cover and simmer soup until veggies are tender.
Just before serving add fresh spinach and cheese


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